My experience with Dr. Gokhan Gur


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I've had my FUE hair transplant with Dr. Gokhan Gur in August 2019. I contacted him directly, and the whole process was so smooth. I sent him the pictures of my receding hairline area, from which he approximated that 3000 grafts should cover that area and explained me the procedure. On the day of the operation, the staff took pictures, and Dr. Gur surveyed the donor area with a microscope, and decided that the grafts are sufficient for that procedure, and potentially for an additional procedure, if needed in the future. I signed consent forms, and then they drew blood. I see that the procedure is explained thoroughly in this forum, so I won't go much into detail. The whole procedure took more than 8 hours. The order of the operations went like this; apply anesthesia, remove grafts from the donor area (sides and back), apply anesthesia to the recipient area and open slits and finally plant the grafts one-by-one to the recipient area. I think it came out to be around 2700 grafts. Despite being a tedious process, the staff was very friendly, and we chatted for the duration of operation. There was a lunch break, to make sure my blood pressure is in normal levels. Overall, I felt a little discomfort, but it wasn't unbearable. After the operation I went home, and spent the night on the couch, sleeping at a 45° angle makeshift pillow wedge. I slept well. The next morning I went there for the removal of bandages and first wash, then I wore a compression head band, which I had to wear I think for 3 days. I took pain relievers and antibiotics for a couple of days. When removing the head band for the first time for my first hair wash by myself, there was a little blood. I have followed the procedure step-by-step, and after 10 days, the scabs were all gone. After a month or two, newly planted hair falls off, only to grow again. I remember my scalp being irritated and red around 2 month mark. But after that everything went back to normal gradually. I might be fuzzy on the details, since it's been more than a year. But my overall experience was very positive, and I recommend Dr. Gokhan Gur and his staff to everyone. I've attached pictures that show my monthly progress (although months 3 and 4 are missing), hopefully this will be helpful.Sac ekimi.jpgSac ekimi2.jpg